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Setting New Standards for Commercial Flooring

Resilient commercial flooring to fit any space

What Clients Say…

Rhys Davies


It is my intention to schedule installations eventually in all of the stores except one where I replaced the floor with harder tile two months before I was exposed to Eco-Grip in 2019. Service and product have been exceptional. I could not recommend an experience higher.

Juliam Walson

Marketing head

I have installed Eco-Grip in four of my 10 restaurants. After purchasing a restaurant with a floor from another manufacturer we decided to change as it was very slick and cracking allowing moisture to penetrate beneath the surface and creating problems in sealing the floor. Upon Eco-Grip installation we could immediately tell the difference as the Eco-Grip is much softer easing the workday while on your feet and also has a gripping type surface that is NOT slick. The difference is tremendous.





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